About Us

We are passionate about the care we provide and the staff we employ.

Our Mission Statement

Steps support understand the importance of treating individuals with privacy and dignity, we encourage individuals who we support to make choices about their lives.

Individuals are supported to be actively involved and included in their community whilst promoting equality.

We support individuals with a life pathway service to achieve their outcomes and dreams.

Our key values is at the heart of everything we do which makes Steps support services a unique care provider.

Our Aims & Objectives

To encourage the service user we support to develop their personal and social skills.

To encourage service users to be involved in the managing of their home and tenancy and sharing responsibilities and decisions.

To recognise the service users abilities, preferences and needs.

To involve the service user in their support.

To give service users opportunities to gain new experiences, interests and goals.

To work closely with professionals to provide an effective care provision to service users.

To encourage service users to build meaningful friendships and maintain relationships with family.

To promote care and support provision.

We involve service users with our assessment process and encourage them to share information around their interests.

More About Us

If you wish to know why you should choose us, or about the carers we employ, you can find more info here.


We commissioned Steps support to provide care and support for one of our most complex patients who had very specific care and support requirements. The team at Steps support worked in partnership with us to build an appropriate staff team and took on additional responsibilities to make sure that a good quality care package was established. Steps support were key to the success of this individual and continue to deliver an excellent service.


I would like to say thank you on behalf of my mum and myself for being there for us during a very difficult time, Steps support were there 24/7 for us.


I visited a person's home today, I spent an hour with her and her staff, the person presented as the most relaxed I have seen her, she interacted well and showed me around her home, staff continue to have good interactions with her and it was lovely to hear about her developing independent skills around her home. It was also good to hear of behaviours decreasing and the progress she is making.


I would like to take this opportunity to say I have enjoyed working alongside Steps support and thank you for all of the positive changes made in the lives of the people we have been supporting.


Our Key Values

Community Presence

Ensuring individuals form and maintain links within their community.


Recognising interdependence between individuals and strengthening connections.


Empowering people to make decisions about their lives.


Supporting skill development and self-efficiency.


Upholding dignity and valuing upholding dignity and valuing every person and their unique qualities.

Contact Us

Thank you for considering Steps Support for your support needs. Whether you or your loved ones require support with learning disabilities, mental health challenges, physical impairments, sensory issues, complex care, or challenging behaviours, our dedicated team is here to support you. Please fill out the form, and we‘ll be in touch to discuss how we can help improve your quality of life.

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