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Our Staff Team

We employ genuine staff who are very caring in nature and strive to deliver outstanding care and support to each and every service user we support. We are proud of the staff we employ and offer them opportunities to develop their knowledge and skills which equips them to enhance their career.

The individuals we support will have a personalised staffing ratio in order to provide a person-centred service that is truly based upon each individual’s needs.

Our staff come to us with a wide range of qualifications, existing skills and life experiences. At Steps support we ensure that all staff undertake training by ensuring they complete an in-depth induction and development programme that set them apart, empowering and enhancing their desire to support others positively.

We value our staff and invest time, high quality training and mentorship, giving each staff member the skills required to support people who are challenged with a learning disability. Our staff also attend bespoke training to meet the individual’s needs. We believe that it is vital that our staff are given the means of undertaking their role to achieve positive results for the people they are supporting. Staff are trained and work within the guidelines of positive practice.

Our Staff Training

Health and Safety

Fire Safety

Food Hygiene

Moving and Handling

First Aid

Safeguarding Adults



Mental Capacity and DOLS

Infection Control


Equality and Diversity

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Our Key Values

Community Presence

Ensuring individuals form and maintain links within their community.


Recognising interdependence between individuals and strengthening connections.


Empowering people to make decisions about their lives.


Supporting skill development and self-efficiency.


Upholding dignity and valuing upholding dignity and valuing every person and their unique qualities.

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