Why Steps Support

Promoting Independence and Participation

We support service users to participate in activities they choose. We encourage service users to choose where they would like to go for group outings. For activities such as attending concerts, football matches, service users are supported to purchase tickets and arrange transport as well as support.

Compliments and Complaints Policy

Our commitment to excellence extends to our compliments and complaints policy, which is available in an easy-to-understand format. We value feedback and encourage open communication to continuously improve our services.

Empowering Service Users

At Steps Support, we prioritise the voices and choices of our service users. We host monthly meetings to provide a platform for service users to express their views, opinions, and wishes. We believe in empowering service users, ensuring they feel valued and have control over their lives.

Supporting Daily Living

We offer care and support to service users, including management of benefits, rent payments, reporting faults, and completing relevant forms. Our goal is to enable service users to live a meaningful life in their homes.

Tailored Support and Flexibility

Steps Support works closely with service users, their families, social workers, and other professionals to conduct needs-led assessments. We tailor our support based on individual needs and preferences, recognising that requirements may change over time. We are committed to ensuring that service users receive the care and support to live fulfilling lives.

About Our Carers

Our staff come to us with a wide range of qualifications, existing skills and life experiences. At Steps support we ensure that all staff undertake training by ensuring they complete an in-depth induction and development programme that set them apart, empowering and enhancing their desire to support others positively.

The service users we support have a person centred service which is based around their needs and wishes.

About Our Carers

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Our Key Values

Community Presence

Ensuring individuals form and maintain links within their community.


Recognising interdependence between individuals and strengthening connections.


Empowering people to make decisions about their lives.


Supporting skill development and self-efficiency.


Upholding dignity and valuing upholding dignity and valuing every person and their unique qualities.

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Thank you for considering Steps Support for your support needs. Whether you or your loved ones require support with learning disabilities, mental health challenges, physical impairments, sensory issues, complex care, or challenging behaviours, our dedicated team is here to support you. Please fill out the form, and we‘ll be in touch to discuss how we can help improve your quality of life.

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